Google auto encoded transcoded files

Using Jdownloader, 480p, 720p, 1080p and original options can be chosen. Google own servers encode it, just like how you could choose different file sizes on youtube.

I was wondering if rclone can fetch those files? I’m sure its hidden somewhere.

It can’t at the moment. Can you figure out how to do it with the drive API?

This plugin generates video files as per the requested resolution (1080p, 720p). When downloading (Cache), it downloads the requested file.

Original = 6GB

A bit of research indicates that calling gets links to the videos in different qualities. It doesn’t appear to be actually documented anywhere though!

So this is bad news huh.

Google encodes are great to utilize since it’s already there. The video files are basically hidden somewhere and not being used at all. Its really useful and will negate using handbrake altogether. Or negate plex transcoding altogether since the lower bitrate files are already processed by google.

Not really as all my stuff is encrypted so that’s of no use to many folk :slight_smile:

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