Google API for multiple services?

Hi, I'm confused.

Google API (client_id)+(client_secret) is used only for Google drive or also for other services such as dropbox, koofr, mega, yandex?

hello and welcome to the forum,

for each backend, google, dropbox, etc., you need to create a rclone remote.

each backend is different.
some backends use client_id+client_secret, some use username+password, some use service files.

yes i understand that but they use dropbox, koofr, mega, yandex, Google API services?

sorry, not sure what you are asking?

Example yandex when creating it has the option to enter: client_id is the google API?

do other dropbox, koofr, mega, services also use google api?

each backend has it own settings, its own client_id.

you cannot share the google client_id with yandex.

For google drive it is possible to use a universal google API from rclone or my own. (I use my own)

but I thought that via the Google API they can connect via various repositories.

where can i get my own client_id client_secret for yandex?

If you check the documentation, you can see information on every remote that is supported:

Google's API is for Google as it's a client/secret configured to use their API. If another API provider uses Google's API, you could use it there as well. I'm not aware of any other that re-use Google's API offhand.

so why is there a possibility to enter client_id and client_secret when creating yandex?

They have their own just like many other providers.

You can't use Google's, which is your repeating question.

if you have a yandex account, create a yandex client and a yandex secret.
then use that with rclone.

the problem is that I can't find this setting anywhere, don't know where it is?

First Google Search for me returned:

I've never used the service.

This option was not available directly in my account settings.

thanks to all for your help :slight_smile:

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