Good Cheap VPS in the US

I'm looking for a good cheap VPS hosting in the US.
I saw this question was asked in 2017. Looking for more recent experiences.

I'm currently on OpenVZ servers with But three times now over the last year, I have had a problem where rclone gets stuck in some kind of I/O wait and the server won't shut down and they have to bounce the entire node in order to free up my server which, of course, affects all other clients on that same node.
The first two times this happened, they just created me a new guest and I would rebuild my Plex server.
This last time, they wanted me to wait until they rebooted the node since they had just rebooted it last month to install maintenance.
While it was hung up, apparently it caused problems for the other guests on that node.
So they are now asking me to not run my app (Plex and rclone) on their servers.
I have to find a new host.

SSDNodes looked like a good one. But they now no longer allow Plex servers.

Anybody else have similar experience with rclone getting stuck?
Anybody have a suggestions for a KVM-based VPS host in the US?

for vps, there is digial ocean and vultr.

you might wan to use a seedbox, with runs plex and has unlimited bandwidth.
i use

Can rclone be used on seedbox? All my media in on GD.

yes, it has rclone and rclone browser.

But I see that seedbox is in Amsterdam. Probably be a lag as I am in the US.

lag, should not be a problem.

plex has buffering options.
rclone mount has ways to work around that.

Do you need unlimited traffic?

Don't need unlimited traffic. I have made do with the 5TB bandwidth limit from my current servers.

Anybody have experience with ?

hyperexpert charges over $23.00/month, for just 4TB of bandwidth
if you want plex and rclone, then that seems very expensive to me.

I agree that is too expensive for me too.
I was looking at the 4vCPU, 4GB, 80GB SSD, 3TB one at $11.96 per month. And with the 15% off coupon, only $10.33 per month. Still more than the $30 per YEAR I paid for my Ethernet Server server. But that is why I'm asking for suggestions. :slight_smile:

Then try

have you use for rclone and plex?
it does not look like a good idea to me, just a host for websites

"Webdock is designed for hosting websites and legitimate web applications"

"We are not Big Brother. Well, just a little at first. in the period immediately following your signup we will keep a close eye on your activity "

"Misuse of resources - Intentional misuse of resources including CPU"
"This obviously excludes activities which Webdock is designed for, such as serving websites and other above-board activities"

the ssd micro+ plan is advertised as "This profile is suitable for most basic websites with low to medium levels of traffic"

for that same price, i get a seedbox, with plex, rclone, super-fast downloading of torrents and use of vpn to log into the seedbox and a whole lot more

seedbox does look attractive. But I'm concerned that it is in Amsterdam with the potential latency sharing to the US.
And at that price, the host might be a better fit.

The issue with is the micro plan only has 15GB of disk. My current VPS is using about 35GB. The SSD Pro is beyond want I want to spend.
Thank you for the suggestions.

seedbox as 1TB of storage and as i mentioned plex and rclone are designed to deal with latency issues.

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