Gives a limitation of mount points over rclone?

a friend who also uses rclone told me that there is a limit with the mounts that a maximum of 23 mounts will work.
is the limit over rclone or rather at linux itself or is it an mishandling error? i don’t have the possibility to mount so much myself but i’m just interested if anyone has had any experience with it. According to his statement, there’s no error message. as soon as he then umounted one and mounted another new it goes up to the 23rd mount

This limit could be implied by the fuse kernel module, depending on the platform. Debian has a default value of 1000 specified in their man page.
I don’t know how windows handles this, but 23 sounds like the limit is the number of characters in the latin alphabet minus the system drives (A:\ B:\ C:)

I was able to create 65 rclone mount processes without issues on my Linux machine.