Git security vulnerabilities affecting versions 2.39 and older

Hi developers,

Just in case you haven't seen it:


$ git --version
git version 2.34.1


$ zless /usr/share/doc/git/changelog.Debian.gz
git (1:2.34.1-1ubuntu1.6) jammy-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY UPDATE: Integer overflow
    - debian/patches/CVE_2022_23521_and_41903/00*.patch:
      attr.c, attr.h, pretty.c, column.c, utf8.c, utf8.h,
      t/, t/, git-compat-util.h,
    - CVE-2022-23521
    - CVE-2022-41903

Looks like Ubuntu are on top of this :slight_smile:

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