Git-remote-rclone: Use git with cloud


Announcing git-remote-rclone-reds, which is based off the original effort at datalad/git-remote-rclone, and adds support for the crypt backend.

This is a Git remote helper for backends supported by rclone.

This enables using git pull or git push with a remote git repository stored on popular cloud services with no native Git support. Optionally, it enables using zero-knowledge encryption via rclone's crypt.

As an example, I use this to turn Dropbox into an encrypted, zero-knowledge remote git repository for sensitive repos.


mkdir testrepo; cd testrepo
git init .
echo "Hello world." > xyz
git add xyz
git commit -m "Initial commit."
rclone mkdir mydropbox:test  # Assuming 'mydropbox' has been configured
git remote add rclone://mydropbox/test
git remote add origin rclone://mydropbox/test
git push origin -u main


 pip3 install git-remote-rclone-reds

Looks cool and really useful! A little disappointed that it wasn’t what I expected tho lol, I was hoping for git support as a destination!