Getting Space Used on Union

Anybody any ideas on find the amount of space on individual drives on a Union? Any commands or possibly a script?

Anybody any thoughts?

The same way how you would find it without Union... or I do not understand your question.

If I use "about" it gives me the used space etc, for the total union, I was looking for a way to list the used space on each drive?

Yeah so how I said - the same like without Union, e.g.:

type = union
upstreams = remote1: remote2:
rclone about remote1:
rclone about remote2:

So do it individually (or I can script it), I wondered if there was some way of getting a list.

rclone config show union-remote: | grep upstreams

That shows me the component disks, what I was after was a list of used space on each. However I'm sure I can script it.

Yeah.. At the moment it is only way - get the list of component disks and then loop it over with rclone about.

It would be nice addition to about command if it could display individual union's disks usage. But it does not exist yet. And as workaround is very straightforward I doubt anybody will ever implement it. Maybe I am wrong:)

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