Getting around pathname length limitations (eg: Onedrive)

Onedrive for Business limits maximum path (not file) length to 400 chars. When used with the crypt backend, the max length is further reduced to the point where I can't upload a large number of files.

I'm wondering if others have run into this and thought about solutions. One approach would to write a "shortening" backend that would convert back and forth between pathnames and files shortened to say, 8 chars. Like URL shorteners, a database could be maintained, say, in a clear text file stored in the remote's root. The remote would consist solely of a single flat directory with all pathnames shortened to files and stored on the root.

Has this been thought about or discussed? I'd be glad to make a more formal proposal and a contribution a few months down the line if there's interest.

There have been quite a few discussions of this kind of thing in the issues - the discussions are a bit disorganized so it will need a bit of searching!

This could potentially be part of the crypt backend itself as a new filename encryption mode. Managing files with metadata in separate from the files themselves gets quite tricky quite quickly though.

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