Get per-folder quota usage for Google Drive

Google Drive API provide info about real file size, and quota used in cloud, so files in my drive, that have other owner, spend zero size from my own quota.

I searching tool for calculate per-folder quota usage in my Google Drive files. We already have rclone size command, that calculates size of files in cloud folder.

For each file Google Drive API for file returns two numbers:

  • fileSize that display real file size.
  • quotaBytesUsed that display user quota usage.

So for implement calculating per-folder quota usage, we can simply replace fileSize value to quotaBytesUsed in Google API receiving function.

Is this possible to implement this feature without changing lot of source code in rclone? Will be good to add argument like --source=quotaUsed to size command, that will enable this mode.

Here is my feature request about this.

Thanks - have replied there.

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