Get MD5 of all files from

Hi i am trying to get all the hash of files from mega using hashsum but it's not working so is there any other way to get all the hash of all the files in my mega?

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rclone has limited support for mega, does not support hashes.

but can use this

rclone hashsum MD5 mega01: --download
b1e2a42247253d7b55bb813ba1bf41e3  Welcome to MEGA.pdf

thanks bro for reply really appreciate it

bro i ran the command and it;s too slow well i have TB data on mega pro soo any faster way? pleaseee

Mega doesn't store MD5 hashes so if you want to get a MD5 for all your files, you have to download them.

You can try a virtual or a different machine or get faster Internet as there is no magic here.

oh kk bro i am used rdp with 2gb download speed...but still it's slow lol

so you are using rdp, to remote into a machine and that machine is running the rclone hashsum command?

yea... bro.... putting dots to make 15 chars

try increasing --transfers

rclone hashsum MD5 mega01: --download --transfers
like this?

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