Get list of files waiting to be transferred

I am trying to see if there is a way to get the list of files that are waiting in the transfer queue.

Currently my checkers are done moving through my directory and I am showing xfr#3/5209 in my stats. I would like to be able to access the list of 5209 files. If there is a way to do it I cannot find it.

Is this currently possible in any form, maybe via the Remote Control?

Ultimately I am looking for a way to monitor this and then run something like tar against the sub-directory and purge; once I know the subdirectory has been processed.

you could use the move command instead which will delete the local copies as they are copied. Alternatively, I think you’d have to scrape the logfile in debug or run a rclone check to see where it is at.

There isn’t at the moment. An rc command would be possible!

Thanks. I will check into the code.

Debug does not show the queued to transfer info, it only shows checked/duplicates. I would have to make my own list then remove items as they show up ATM. I was hoping for something more elegant as this info is sitting around (in memory I assume) somewhere within rclone already.

Yes. But it will show you what was transferred. Rclone check will tell you what's insych and not.

Ncw mentioned opening an issue to get it added to rc.

What this would need is an rc interface to the pipes used by the sync routines:

If you want to make a new issue on github we can look into it further.

I will do that. I was looking into the code last night and was able to see where the pipe was in sync after a bit of digging. I will see if I can muster up the brain power to help with this. GO is something I am attempting to learn when I have free time :wink:


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