Get id command rclone from ps list ubuntu

I want that get id command that rclone given to each command from ps list
for example:
id command is :254544
I want get this id command this from ps list in node.js

Sorry as I'm not sure what you are asking or what node.js is in relation to rclone.

Can you share an example of the flow and some logs/text on the issue and what you are trying to accomplish?

We consider an ID for each command and determine the name of the log file based on the ID
And in the next step, when we want to get the list of commands with this command : ps -ef | grep rclone
The ID of the rclone command is not clear for which file is the log?

The log file is something that you define and give to each rclone process so it's really up to you on what that would be.

I'd imagine you'd have to scrap the process list and pull out the log file.

There's really no rclone question here as it's a generic Linux/Unix scripting type question.

no i want send id to process rclone and next
i get this id from process rclone from ps -ef | gerp rclone

Sorry as I'm really not following what your question is.

my question is about rclone

That really doesn't make things any clearer as from what you've posted, I can't understand what problem you are having with rclone or what general problem you are having to solve.

Perhaps someone else can chime in and understands, but I'm not following on what your question is at all.

i using of rclone.js node.js
i want send id like as : 232121 to list process ps list rclone
with spawn

That really doesn't add any details are rclone.js node.js are some javascripts that you wrote/got from somewhere/who knows what they are.

If you want to post some details and someone might chime in and help or we're going to continue to go back and forth.

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