Get encrypt password from config file

I created an encrypted remote and I use a custom password for both password and password2. If I have the .rclone.conf file is there anyway to determine what that custom password was?

Thank you!

It is possible, but there isn’t an official tool to do it. Why do you need to do it?

peace of mind. i didn’t make note of the password when i generated them. i have made a backup of my .rclone.conf file but i would feel more comfortable knowing the password I used to generate password and password2 just in case i ever lose the .rclone.conf file.

any details on how i can do it?

Send me an email to and I’ll walk you through it.

I’m in the same situation. I have the same .rclone.config file on my server and on my home machine but I can’t remember my passwords. I gather I’ll need them, though, if I want to set up plexdrive. Can I also write to you to learn how to retrieve this information?

If you are on 1.38 or higher you can use

rclone config show

and this will display your configuration (including the passphrases for the crypts) for which you can use.

That doesn’t seem to work. The passphrases are encrypted.

Ah, apologies, did not know that. Mine are all random, so when I did it on mine, I (wrongly) assumed that they were the correct ones.


Send me an email to and I’ll walk you through it.

In exactly the same boat myself, and for the same reason. I already shot you an email. Thanks in advance!