Get Authorization Code for google

Hello friends
I encountered a problem in using the rclone program to get the authorization code.
Does anyone know why you can't get the code from this link (
When you want to enter the authorization code link, the site does not work and gives error 400.

What should be done to refresh the Google Gmail service token other than this rclone program??

Sorry as I'm not quite sure what you are asking.

Rclone works with Google Drive, not Google mail.

Documentation is here:

It explains how to authorize it.

I wonder if that website is using rclone's credentials behind the scenes?

Not quite. I wouldn't ever use some 3rd party site to auth for Google/Github/etc.

Also this line makes me chuckle:

I looked at the source and sure enough in the script.js I find rclone's client_id!

It is using the deprecated oauth flow which explains why it is no longer working.

This also explains why I've been receiving loads of weird emails asking me to fix auth for stuff I know nothing about (my gmail address comes up on oauth failure!).

Without the OOB flow, people will have to register their own client_ids and can no longer abuse rclone's which I guess is a good thing and why google made the change.

@morteza2653 if you can get in touch with the owner of that site, then you need to tell them

  • the OOB auth flow is now deprecated
  • they need to get their own client_id!

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