Generate an encrypted string based on text input


I’m using this amazing rclone to encrypt my data and backup them online.
All of this is perfectly working.
Still, I would like to be quickly able to get the encrypted version of a filename. For instance, this could allow me to quickly find it via an app webapp, etc.

My problem is that I don’t know how to write a command to extract my encrypted filename.
I’m sure there must be a way to make some rclone --dry-run with my input filename and with some grep magic, get the encrypted filename as a result.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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rclone ls --crypt-show-mapping remote:file

Hi @calisro,

Thanks for your help.
Your command list the full content of the parent folder, ie:
rclone ls --crypt-show-mapping remote:"path/to/my/file/with/parentFolder/file.ext"
This is listing the full content of “parentFolder”.

I would love to make a command that acts basically like Google Translate: you input a string (like a filename), it outputs the encrypted filename ; you input a fullpath, it outputs the fullpath encrypted, etc.

Since there is a nonce used for each file, every time that was called it would generate a new name… You can only really do that in reverse I believe. I.e. pass a encrypted value in and spit out the unencrypted one.

Hi @calisro
You last sentence is quite surprising to me. I must be missing quite some knowledge since to my understanding, this would mean that I could upload an infinite number of time the —exact same file or folder— on a given path since each time, you are saying it would have a different name.

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Sorry, I didn’t finish my coffee. Filenames with the same name will encrypt the same. The nonce affects the actual encryption rather than the file naming. My bad. I suppose what you are saying is totally doable.

Anyone else idea? :slight_smile:

Is all there is at the moment.