GDrive: Usage of SA Folders instead of Single File


Not sure if this was asked already but it'd be nice if rclone could use folders for Google Drive Service Accounts instead of Service Account credential files. This way if you happen to hit the 750GB limit on one credential it should automatically switch to a new one.

This would be particularly useful when mounting a folder. I'm backing up my NAS to GDrive Business and often hit the 750GB daily limit. I tried using the "chinese" version of AutoRClone which supposedly switches automatically, but it doesn't do so for the mount command, only for the copy command flag.


Sorry, but this has been discussed before and the official stance of the rclone team is to not include such features since it will bring undue attention on the project for bypassing the official limits.

There are couple of forks that do what you want but I avoid mentioning their names in public forums. They are pretty easy to find if you search on google and have even been mentioned a couple of times on this forum too.



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