GDrive Settings Environment Variables not mapped

Have noticed several environment variables for the Google Drive backend aren't working. Running rclone 1.53.1.

RCLONE_DRIVE_PACER_BURST=1 rclone help flags | grep pacer

Shows the default is still 100 instead of 1.

Variables not mapped include:

General settings such as RCLONE_MAX_DURATION show up when you set them and then call rclone help flags (default reflects environment variable):

RCLONE_BWLIMIT=80M rclone help flags | grep bwlimit
--bwlimit BwTimetable Bandwidth limit in kBytes/s, or use suffix b|k|M|G or a full timetable. (default 80M)

I think these are working, but they aren't showing as the defaults in the help text.

It is the backend flags which aren't showing up like this.

Would you agree?

I would agree, unfortunately I don't have a way of testing this (24 hour upload cooldown). When you run "rclone help backend drive" it doesn't reflect the env variables either.

The warm fuzzy of seeing the defaults change was nice, any way we can get the backend flags to do the same?

I expect it is possible, but I'm not sure how difficult it is. If you make an issue on Github then I'll take a look.

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