GDrive & server-side decryption

I’m having a brain freeze here, wondered if someone could help.

I have:

  • gd: as an unencrypted mount of my Google Drive
  • crypt is a folder in Google Drive’s root
  • gd-crypt mounts gd:crypt

For testing purposes I want to synchronise the encrypted TV folder (which is always more current) to the unencrypted one and ideally don’t want to have to download and re-up.

rclone copy -v gd-crypt:TV/ gd:TV/

The command above seems to down and re-up so wondered if I was missing a trick here?
Thanks in advance.

This will always produce a download/upload. But im not really sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of having a encrypted remote if you also have an unencrypted remote on the same google drive??

I keep everything encrypted on my GDrive, but for Plex testing purposes I’d like a copy of it unencrypted. Rather than the entire folder, I’m now just keeping a subset of the data unencrypted and would be useful to update that subset without the down/up.
Sounds like there’s no server-side solution but may fire up my GCC instance again (used for ACD transfer) as that should run the process a lot faster.

I see now. There is no way to go from a remote encrypted source to unencrypted source with the down/up. A GCC or any other virtual server will do a good job of it.