Gdrive server-side copy not progressing

I have been attempting to do a server-side copy on GDrive of a shared folder (added to my drive) to a normal folder in the drive. I have done this in the past very easily and successfully. They are actually the same folders as before, but the shared one has been updated and I want to copy over the new files.

Upon running the rclone copy command, it runs through a couple hundred checks in a few seconds, but then does not copy anything new over. At this point, the verbose output shows the time progressing, but that is all.

What is going on and how can I fix this?

There is issue report on GitHub for this:

But I couldn't find how to fix it, it might be a change from Google that won’t letting us to copy server side anymore, because as soon as it copy a few file, it won’t do anything else anymore.

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I see, thank you. Just another issue I need and want to deal with… But really, this is a very annoying issue because I don’t know how else I can accomplish what I want to do in any sort of easy way.

Well that was the only easy way I found, the rest would be either copy each file through WebUI, which it takes forever, or other options you have to pay a lot of money :frowning:

Yeah, I’m with you. Neither option works for me. What I’m trying to copy consists of thousands of files in hundreds of folders. I really don’t like having to pay for something that worked (with no cost) a week or two ago. I sure hope Google reverts whatever they’ve done, if that is the case.

You could use rclone and not do a server side copy, but copy through a seedbox or vps.

If I were to end up going this route, how would I force rclone to not do a server-side copy?