GDrive own client_id

I was trying to obtain my own client-id from GDrive, following your docs here.

Point 9 instructs to Publish the app, but I am faced with a screen asking to provide:

  1. An official link to your app's Privacy Policy
  2. A YouTube video showing how you plan to use the Google user data you get from scopes
  3. A written explanation telling Google why you need access to sensitive and/or restricted user data
  4. All your domains verified in Google Search Console

How to proceed? Can I leave it in Testing mode without consequences?

most likely answer is in the point 8 how to avoid point 9:

If you selected "External" at Step 5 continue to Step 9. If you chose "Internal" you don't need to publish and can skip straight to Step 10 but your destination drive must be part of the same Google Workspace.

Also is covered in docs:

Keeping the application in "Testing" will work as well, but the limitation is that any grants will expire after a week, which can be annoying to refresh constantly. If, for whatever reason, a short grant time is not a problem, then keeping the application in testing mode would also be sufficient.

I left it in Testing mode, but:

Access blocked: rclone has not completed the Google verification process

this is not reported in docs...
It is written at the end, when you have already set it as External.

And I don't have a Workspace account

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