GDrive: Is it possible to obtain the information of a folder or file

I can access into a file/folder via using its --drive-root-folder-id.

$ rclone ls remote: --drive-root-folder-id '1aHL0-5rI1fyHuflDXJV5inYJ9ED5nyHA'

In addition to that, through rclone with its --drive-root-folder-id:
=> Is it possible to obtain its info such as is it a Folder or gzip (Mime Type)?

gdrive provides this option using gdrive info folder-id:

$ gdrive info 1veladRJ4mfm6t0W9mntb8FILG-fqgQH2
Id: 1veladRJ4mfm6t0W9mntb8FILG-fqgQH2
Name: result-0xf2129928bd1e6f4aa1ad131a37db2e55810cbbff-0.tar.gz
Path: result-0xf2129928bd1e6f4aa1ad131a37db2e55810cbbff-0.tar.gz
Mime: application/gzip
Size: 4.7 KB
Created: 2018-05-03 19:23:38
Modified: 2018-05-03 19:23:38
Md5sum: ba834907726ce300c3e37048e32c1c65
Shared: True
Parents: 1KFlwAZUHXZ9DWS183cwViWJ5tf_51Smi

Is it possible to obtain info of a file/folder using rclone do this as well? @ncw

You can use rclone lsf or rclone lsjson to read quite a lot of those things. rclone link will read the public URL

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