Gdrive Error 403: download quota for this file has been exceeded

Mine is an Edu team drive.

I think that is your issue. I have both type of drives (team drives), and that issue only appears on edu acc.

Probably now Google put only main owner can download stuff, because this is more student based and mostly they don't need many users at the same time (at least most edu acc are actually free, so you can see why isn't worth for Google to offer the same options, as paid business acc).

Just get business acc and move from your edu team drive to new business team drive and it should work just fine for you :blush:

perhaps this is the case, i use an edu team drive as well, and afaik no other business gdrive user are having these issues.

yeah thats what im going to have to end up doing. Well at least we figured it out.

THANK YOU!!!! This solved it for me

hello and welcome to the forum,

glad to help.

what was the problem and what exactly solved it?

I couldn't copy files from one google drive to another. The server side copying seems to have done the trick

thanks for letting me know.

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