Gdrive configuration for mounted drive access

I’m new to rclone and I am trying to figure out the best config to mount my encrypted gdrive on Windows for using it like a “hard drive”, meaning drag and dropping files from the mounted drive insteand of using rclone copy command line.

I succeeded in encrypting my remote and mouting the drive, but what’s the best config for ensuring my files dropped on the mounted drive are correctly copied ?

I saw a lot of config for a Plex usage, but in my case, I won’t download my files that often, I just want for them to be securely stored in my encrypted account. Is the cache still recommended for a fast access to the directories and filenames ?

Thanks for your help,

Firstly if you are using Windows, please use the latest beta since we fixed some important things recently!

Start with a simple config like this and see how it works:

rclone mount gdrive: E: --vfs-cache-mode writes

You’ll almost certainly need --vfs-cache-mode writes but you probably won’t need any other options to get it to work.