GDrive cache with spontaneous missing files

I think this issue may need to be reopened:

I am experiencing this almost once a day. I have to send a SIGHUP to the process which causes the files to reappear. An example:

I have a folder with almost 900 media files. These files are large, 20-35gb each and Plex is indexing the folder. If I ‘ls’ the media folder I can see that most of the files are gone. A few remain but it seems to be random. The files are still present in the Google Drive web interface. After I purge the cache the files reappear, for a time.

Are you trying on the latest beta?

If so it might be best to make a new issue as @remusb is done with that one I think.

I’m using 1.39-final. For a beta could I use the build you just put together with the fixed “move” command when the destination directory does not exist?

Yes that would be new enough I think.