G Suite upload limit cap/ switch user?

I have recently addopted G suite buy my I can t find the answer to this question online:

I have 3 different users, do I need to change something in rclone to have 3 x 750gb upload limit (upload through different settings) or it is automaticly raised to 2.25 TB?

RClone authenticates through each user so you'd have to make a remote and authenticate that remote again each user I would think.

I'm not aware of an easy way to switch a user's remote although perhaps someone else might have an idea.

I thought so, but how do i point all users to the same drive, because i created them and they all point to different ones?

You have to create a Shared Drive, then you add other 2 users as Manager (don't use Content Manger, it has some issues). Then you have to setup Rclone again to use Team Drive (Shared Drive).

Ok, tried that but nothing happens when i send

rclone lsd gdrive: --drive-shared-with-me

gdrive - the name of my drive remote

No, no. Not that. Read this section.

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That was the problem!!! THANK YOU

1st create a shared drive in GDrive and then you will be able to select it and point to through Team Drive selection!

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