Funny time calculations

Not reporting this as a bug ("off topic"). Just thought the numbers were funny.

2023/01/22 20:45:29 INFO  :
Transferred:        8.171 GiB / 161.616 GiB, 5%, 816 B/s, ETA 6y20w4d11h40m37s
Checks:               220 / 220, 100%
Transferred:         1617 / 11622, 14%
Elapsed time:      26m7.4s

6 years? Umm!

Now what's actually happening is that it's hitting a bunch of small files

 * TimeMachine/Bugs.spars�bands/.AppleDouble/543:  0% /741, 0/s, -
 * TimeMachine/Bugs.spars�bands/.AppleDouble/544:  0% /741, 0/s, -
 * TimeMachine/Bugs.spars�bands/.AppleDouble/545:  0% /741, 0/s, -
 * TimeMachine/Bugs.spars�bands/.AppleDouble/546:  0% /741, 0/s, -

Obviously these are slow to upload 'cos of the overhead each file creates. So it's seeing really slow transfer speeds, and estimating wrongly.

At least I hope it won't take 6 years! Maybe this doesn't become feasible to upload if it does...

Relatedly; it might be worth "rounding" numbers; eg just keep the first three measures ("years, months, days", "months, days, hours", "days, hours, minutes", "hour, minutes, seconds") 'cos reporting a value to the second when we have durations of years is meaningless noise.

I totally agree, in part 2 of: Avoid negative ETA values for very slow speeds by albertony · Pull Request #6385 · rclone/rclone · GitHub :slight_smile: