FTP command line possible?

I'd like to know if it's possible to use FTP over the command line, simlar to http protocol

With http protocol I can do something like this:

rclone ls --http-url "http://speedtest.tele2.net/" :http:

But with ftp, I've tried several options with no success like:

rclone ls --ftp-host "speedtest.tele2.net" :ftp:
rclone ls --ftp-host "speedtest.tele2.net" :http:
rclone ls --http-url "ftp://speedtest.tele2.net/" :http:

(this hostname has both a ftp and http server)



Thanks for the prompt reply, but my objective was to use only the command line instead of having to do "rclone config" or creating a config file.

you should add a debug flag to better understand the problem


rclone ls :ftp: --ftp-host=speedtest.tele2.net --ftp-user=anonymous --ftp-pass=`rclone obscure dummy`


rclone obscure dummy > pwd.txt && set /p pwd= < pwd.txt
rclone ls :ftp: --ftp-host=speedtest.tele2.net --ftp-user=anonymous --ftp-pass=%pwd%
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Nice one @asdffdsa.

@mrs1 you don't really even need to obscure if it's anonymous. Any base64 pass over 7 chars should work.


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nice one @calisro

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Thanks a million guys! This is exactly what I needed!

May I suggest this is added to the FTP documentation? The HTTP documentation already has the command line option, but not FTP.


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Its rather easy to update docs as you find things that could be enhanced. There is a pencil to edit and just submit.

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