FTP alternative for NAS

My ISP throttles FTP upload speed to my linux NAS server in the cloud.

What alternative protocol do you suggest instead, which is also supported by rclone?

I don't need encryption, WinSCP was too slow.


Are you sure? Were you using FTP back-end using Rclone?

Yeah, my HTTP upload speed is 10Mbps, FTP is only 40KBps. Tested with other servers too.

Looking for another file server daemon, that I can access with rclone.

Upload speed was 10mbps before?

It is still 10mbps if I don't use FTP as protocol, so I need something else.

Your ISP isn't throttling your FTP upload speed. FTP itself is slow.
You may wanna try with --transfer=32 flag, see if it speed things up.

Oh yeah I measure the speed from Total Commander, rclone gave up with this slow speed.