From remote sftp server to google drive

I'm new to rclone so a bit unsure of its capabilities. I need to transfer data from a server, which I only have SFTP access to, to GoogleDrive account. Currently I'm downloading data to a workstation as an intermediary then uploading to Drive. Wondering if I can avoid downloading the data, and sync directly from the sftp? and what the syntax would look like? Would something like (below) work:

rclone copy remote_sftp:path/to/dir remote_drive remote_drive:path/to/dir --bwlimit 8650k 

Rclone would avoid 'downloading' the data as your machine would be using bandwidth to transfer between the two.

You'd create a remote for each and just:

rclone sync sftpremote:path gdriveremote:path

Thanks for the confirmation worked great.

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