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I’m starting this topic to discuss as a platform for rclone support.

I’ve searched the GitHub repo (issues and general) as well as here, with no results, so it looks like I’m the first one to ask!

Summarizing first; is a file sharing, annotation, collaboration (sketching and timecode-stamped comments), and storage service. I believe it runs over S3.

It’s the new standard for video editing & broadcast collaboration, mainly because they offer inline proxy transcode of all assets, meaning that you can view RAW video (and MXF, ProRes, etc) in-browser, as well as download any proxy of any file for offline edit.

Feature request: simple rclone support to allow users to list, upload, and download assets with checksummed support

Why? Because rclone is awesome for scripting, and I’d much rather use rclone than install a proprietary agent. (…also, because there is no agent for Linux)

Existing documentation - API Developer Guide: (edit: link removed, apparently URLs can’t be included in this post. Is it because I’m new? I can post the documentation as images below…)

(edit2: looks like I need to increase my “Trust Level” so I’ll try again after a while)

hello and welcome to the forum, seems to store data in aws s3, but does not appear to have a s3 api.

this is the link to the api

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Thank you for posting it!!
I did consider escaping the URL with a code block, but figured the rule existed for a reason and I don’t want to upset the staff here.

To everyone else; this URL is the one I was attempting to post. It shows the API docs for file access.

and if you to want to script it, there is a python api

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I've now submitted a GitHub Feature Request for this topic; GitHub: support, #5644 :slight_smile:

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