FR: RC VFS command to upload files waiting for write-back

I am trying to use a mount where during the session, I am modifying a few files often (example: sqlite database but there are others). I don't want to hammer the server and my network with updates so I am using --vfs-write-back 10m or something like that.

However, when I am done, I want it to upload without waiting. Currently, there doesn't not appear to be a way. I tried vfs/refresh and vfs/forget but neither forced the upload.

It would be great to have a vfs/upload or vfs/force command.

(In the mean time, I am using workarounds with a local copy but it isn't pretty...)

This could be part of making a graceful shutdown where the state of the mount it guaranteed synced when it is shutdown.

Do you want to stop the mount at this point?

I did have a discussion with someone about changing the writeback time over the RC. This doesn't currently work but could be made to work with an vfs/update command to change the parameters in a running VFS.

In theory you should be able to do this with an os sync command. I don't know how the os delivers that signal though and whether it can be delivered via fuse so it certainly isn't implemented yet.

All those sound good to me!

Ideally, no. But if that is the answer, it would work.

Can you open a new issue on Github about this please?

I think we should aim for a vfs/sync remote control command. This is quite a lot of the way towards making the mount shutdown in a synced state and I see it as a useful stepping point.

Done. Feature Request: VFS sync process to expire the write-back · Issue #7091 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

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