Found rclone in when doing migrations out of box

not sure if this has been discussed already - when going through the process of moving folders from to another cloud service we came across rclone that is downloading folders and we have no idea where it is downloading the files too? We didn't set this rclone. Is there a way to figure out the destination of the downloads?

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone runs only if you choose to run it.
rclone can only download what you tell it to.

so look at the command you are running.

I didn't set it up - I found it on a report when trying to migrate from one cloud service to another.

and thank you for the welcome! I appreciate any and all help.

what software are you using for the migration?
it might be using rclone to transfer the files.

can you post some snippets from that report?

I wish I could - so the report is in and it indicates a download from box but I can't see the destination. I didn't set it up so when run I run commands in my terminal nothing shows up. The box account is connected to salesforce however that is connected through an API and that wouldn't be using rclone, right?

you need to contact tech support for box and/or salesforce.

thats what I was afraid of :grinning: Thank you though for all of the feedback. I appreciate it. This has to be one of the quickest responses in a forum I have ever gotten!


when you find out about that rclone, come back and let us know.

would like to know if salesforce using rclone?