Force upload empty directory with rclone mount (hubic)

Hi everybody,

I use rclone with a mount system (hubic and onedrive). But I've a problem when I create an empty directory, it disappear quickly. It's write on the mount limitations :

The bucket based remotes (eg Swift, S3, Google Compute Storage, B2, Hubic) do not support the concept of empty directories, so empty directories will have a tendency to disappear once they fall out of the directory cache.

But does it exist a solution to keept it and force the upload on hubic ?

I tried do do some many things, with many options (cache, time, etc...). I try to do a mkdir, following by a touch file, the directory and file appear on hubic, but after a rm on the file, the dir is deleted !
It's a limitation of hubic (and other bucket based remotes).

But maybe, it exists a solution... maybe... ? Anyone found a solution for this problem ?

I'm on Linux Mint (same thing on Debian server), and rclone 1.49.3.

Thanks for your help !


Try the latest beta which has a fix for these empty directories disappearing too early.

Many thanks ! I will try that !
Just to know, that just keep the empty directory on local fs longer ? But that not force to put this empty directory on the hubic cloud ?
If I've 2 mounting hubic-rclone-directory on 2 servers, I'll not see the empty directory on 2 sides ?

Thanks !

(Hope my English in understandable, I'm French)

Yes this will keep a local empty directory longer.

That is correct. Hubic can't have empty directories so it will disappear eventually, just not immediately! You can increase this to make it last longer:

  --dir-cache-time duration                Time to cache directory entries for. (default 5m0s)

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