Force 'server side' only for g drive?

Because G Drive doesn't allow to 'make a copy' of a folder that was shared with me, I am trying to sync via rclone a big folder (about 4TB) from the shared folder to another folder on same account.

For some reason, small files are getting copied via server-side copy, but large ones are not (and not practical to allow them download/upload.)

Is there any way to "force" only server-side copy?

Or is there some other way to copy a massive shared folder to myself?


hard to give a good answer, as when you posted there was a template of questions, none of which were answered.

AFAIC, none of those template questions are relevant. Obviously I'm talking about Google Drive.

Is there a way to force ONLY server-side copy operations, i.e., to disable non-server-side copies?

I added --drive-server-side-across-configs and it seems to be flying now.... everything in log says Copied (server-side copy)

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