Follow symlinks on remote SFTP server


I have a remote server mounted with rclone. There are a lot of symlinked files and directories on the server but Plex doesn’t follow them. Normally I’d mount them with SSHFS and -o follow_symlinks but my seedbox provider doesn’t allow SSHFS mounts.

I know it’s possible to follow local symlinks with Rclone when copying to a remote, but Is following remote symlinks possible in any way or will it be possible in future versions?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, a quick browse of the source code for the SFTP library leads me to think that it should follow symlinks.

So I think this is probably a bug…

Can you please make a new issue on github with some more details in please.

Hi again. Quick update: I realised I had a fairly old version of Rclone. I upgraded to 1.39 and now there’s a difference.

I made the mount and rebooted Plex. The remote folder with the symlinks now shows up in Plex. I can add it to the Plex library and all the stuff is scanned and recognised. However, when I try to play something, I get the message:

An error occurred trying to play “**************.mp4”.
shaka1001 (Network)

Am I doing something wrong? Or should I still post an issue?

P.S. When mounting the rclone remote in the terminal, I’m getting this message (even though it does actually mount).

poll-interval is not supported by this remote

Thanks for your help.

Is it only the symlinked files that don’t play?

That is just an INFO message, you can ignore it.

Yes it’s only the symlinked files. The ones in the original folder play fine. When I add the symlink, it takes a long time to scan. The files show up and are scanned correctly. But then there’s an error when it comes to playing them.

I’m doing all the symlinks on a GUI (remote desktop) and they have worked fine in the past with sshfs on a server where sshfs is allowed.

I think it is worth making a new issue on github about this - it sounds like rclone isn’t being consistent.

Are you symlinking directories or files BTW?

Funny you should ask that. I was just wondering whether the problem isn’t related to symlinked directories. When I go to the remote desktop and look at the symlinked directories they’re not showing visibly as links, whereas the file contents are.
I’ll just try a few different things out and report back.

Stick your findings in the issue would be perfect :slight_smile:

OK. Will do :slight_smile: