Folks on Debian, how did you install rclone and how are you keeping it up-2-date?

The Debian package for rclone, even on Debian 12/Bookworm, is very outdated.

I don't want to install the binary directly cause then I have to remember to update it. I guess I could write a cron job to run rclone selfupdate...

But I am curious how others are handling this...

I never use any package manager for rclone.

I self update and only do that once I read release notes and see what changes are made.

Not sure I'd auto update, but generally that won't cause an issue.

Yeah, I figure a lot do that. But I prefer to run stable. I wish Debian kept their packages up-2-date.

Debian packages will always lag as Debian is based on stable things and will be dated compared to something like Ubuntu.

Rclone is a single binary and has an update function so if the goal is to update, you can cron a self update and be done with it.

On debian/ubuntu systems you can also use this to get the most recent rclone in a very basic .deb package if you like your OS to know something about your binaries.

rclone self-update --package deb

Yup, I was thinking of doing that but wanted to see what others are doing.

And it's selfupdate I think, not self-update....

Either will work (there is an alias) but selfupdate is the canonical form, you are right.

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