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I have had Unraid for a few years now but I have always had trouble understanding the folder structure and how to set up plugins and dockers. I am almost finished setting up rclone with Backblaze B2. I have my account synced OK, (I spent weeks with Google Cloud and had to give up).
The rclone instructions state this FROM B2 documentation HERE:
Sync /home/local/directory to the remote bucket, deleting any excess files in the bucket.
rclone sync /home/local/directory remote:bucket
On my terminal, what do I type in to point rclone to my data? I have setup my remote:bucket to remote:MYBUCKETNAME but to be clear I am pasting their code.
This is what is in my mount script
**#!/bin/bash #---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **

mkdir -p /media/mnt/user0/HomeMedia/

rclone mount --max-read-ahead 1024k --allow-other google: /media/mnt/user0/HomeMedia/
My data I want to upload is in another folder but for right now I don't know what to put in the rclone config. The location of my data is:


How far off am I?

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If you want to sync then you don't need to mount it. You can just run the sync like you have it with the source being your local data and the remote being the b2 remote.

If you type rclone config, it'll set up your remote in the config file. When you're done paste it here with secrets removed.

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