Flag to skip only folder shortcuts in google drive

Can we have an option to skip folder shortcuts only (not skipping any file shortcuts) in google drive?

You mean like --drive-skip-shortcuts but it only skips folders?

I guess it is possible.

What is your use case - would it be useful to other rclone users?

I have some folder shortcuts and some file shortcuts. I want shortcuts to be copied as shortcuts on server side, but that's not the case with rclone and GDrive with respect to folders. So, for my case it would be useful if there is an option to skip folder shortcuts only (i don't want folder contents to be copied). Thank you!

If you want you can specify what you would like in a new issue on github. Would you be interested in implementing such a feature?

I have added the issue on github.
I would be interested in implementing the feature, but i don't have coding experience. I would be happy to learn.

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