(FIXED) Team drive config broken on OSX

When I configured (clone config) team drive remote on my OS X I got empty team_drive var in the config file (team_drive = ). It results in rclone being able successfully work with a team drive but that data is not accessible via google’s web interface.

On linux same clone config command successfully populates team_drive var with proper string and all data goes to the right pre-configured team drive.

If config files is manually fixed on OS X then it works fine as well. It’s just the config command doesn’t write config file properly.

Hmm, sounds like a bug!

If you can replicate it with the latest beta can you please make a new issue on github please?

Can you put in the issue what you see in your terminal when you do the config (you can delete any secret looking data).


The latest beta (1.39-187) has quite reworked Drive setup and handles TeamDrive correctly. Sorry for not testing it first.
Thanks again,


No worries and thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: