Fireload unlimited storage

is it possible for the devs to add
does have an API.

Currently the backlog of new backends is 61 so feel free to request on the github, but unless you sponsor it, have someone that can implement or you want to implement, it'll most likely sit.

wouldn't mind throwing 50$ at someone for it lol.

I don’t care about this API but what is the general cost to sponsor one?

That's more a @ncw question as that's not something in my skill set.

from the fireload website, looks like webdav and ftp are supported.

I guess that will do the job then.

Wouldn't mind having this as an option, and willing to Sponsor. WebDAV seems to be a bit flaky.

Id be down to throw some cash at any dev to do it. if anyone is interested hmu on discord Crowley#5540 must be a verified rclone dev/staff

-turner if you are down we could put a pool(Put are cash) together to possibly entice a dev to make it.

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