Finding a way to copy multiple files from the same source to destination

Hello I am trying to upload multiple files in a single command from the source to destination.

I am using GoogleDrive.

Is there a way to include multiple file names in a single command line?

For example , rclone copy D:/movies/JohnWick3.mkv Gdrive:/movies

I would like to add more movies in the command which will be from the same folder.


hello and welcome to the forum,

there could be a few ways to that.

one way is to use the flag --include-from
you create a text file with the names of the files you want to copy.

in that text file you might have


this is the page with info about different filter options

filtering can be confusing and it is possible to make mistakes.
so when testing and experimenting use this flag

also, to see usual output from your command, add the flag -v

rclone copy D:/movies Gdrive:/movies --include-from=filelist.txt --dry-run -v

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Thank you for the help.
I'll try it and get back to you!

Edit 1: I don't know where should I be putting the filter text file for the command.
I keep getting an error called Failed to load filters list.txt The system cannot find the file specified.
I made a list.txt containing the movie names in the movies folder.
Should the .txt file be placed somewhere?

can you share your command, the output from the command and the exact error?
the more info you share, the more we can help.

for what it is worth, i would not be running command lines from the system32 folder.

where did you save the list.txt file?
you have to tell rclone where to find the list.txt file, the full path and filename.

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I think it is looking fine now.
Thank you for the help !!

let us know if you have more questions, you can start a new post anytime.

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