Find large files and move to another Google Drive

Keeping this as a memory for myself.

Objective was to find large files and move them (server-side) to another Google Drive to free up space on the primary one.

Commands used:

Find large files
$ rclone lsf -R --min-size 20M gdrive1:folder > large-files

Put them into one folder from which we will transfer
$ rclone move gdrive1:folder gdrive1:largeFiles --files-from large-files

Move them to gdrive2
$ rclone copy --progress --progress-terminal-title gdrive1:largeFiles gdrive2:folder

Note: you need to set the following line in rclone.config:
server_side_across_configs = true

Now you can delete gdrive1:folder to free up space.


perhaps i do not understand your use-case but your commands do not match your goal as per the title of the topic move to another Google Drive?

rclone copy --progress --progress-terminal-title gdrive1:largeFiles gdrive2:folder
should be
rclone move --progress --progress-terminal-title gdrive1:largeFiles gdrive2:folder

and if that is true, then why the need for two comamnds, this should work?
rclone move gdrive1:folder gdrive2:folder --min-size 20M server_side_across_configs --progress --progress-terminal-title

move and server_side_across_configs are not compatible with each other, I found.

oh, good to know.

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