Filtering files with \r

For some reason I keep getting files with \r appended at the end of them on my Synology. Not sure if they’ve come from ACD, Synology cloud sync or some other process.

Anyway, I’d like to exclude them from my rclone sync, so I don’t get errors like this:

Can't store file with control characters: "Icon\r

I tried --exclude="\r." but it does’t seem to work. What’s the right syntax?

Those Icon files are an OS X thing. I believe you can just ignore the warning as they just hold a thumbnail in the resource fork which rclone can’t transfer anyway.

As for ignoring them - I don’t think --exclude will work as the warnings are happening at a lower level than the filters.

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Thanks for the answer.

I understand that rclone can’t transfer them, I was just hoping to clean up the log file (to make it easy to spot real errors, and also to appease my OCD ;)).


Any update on this? My logs are a holy mess with all the warnings. Thousands of Icon\r files.

This will be fixed as part of :slight_smile:

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