Filter with auth-proxy


rclone version 1.61.1

i am currently using the command to share a folder over http/webdav

.../rclone --verbose serve webdav --addr :2080 --read-only --include 'data/**' --include 'backup/**' /

i would like to move this into an auth-proxy script but i seem unable to figure out how to specify the filter/inlcude ?

.../rclone --verbose serve webdav --addr :2080 --read-only --auth-proxy /path/to/


#!/usr/bin/env bash

cat <<__EOF__

{ "type": "local", "_root": "/", "include": ["data/**","backup/**"] }


thanks in advance.

You can leave the filters on the command line and they will apply to all proxied servers.

The auth proxy isn't capable of setting filters at the moment so it is all or nothing for now.

yes, i have already discovered that setting filters on the commandline works

in the end the script should generate _root and include dirs dynamically from ldap queries,
so setting filters on the commandline isnt an option.

This is of course possible... Is it something your company might sponsor me to implement?

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