Filter: text in the middle, how to?

A question about filtering.

If I want to include files with the criteria in the middle of the name, eg:

file1 name:    ioioioioio text_to_match ioioioioioioio.ioi
file2 name:    ioio text_to_match ioiioioio.ioi

How would the rule be?

The files could be in different subdirectories.

I tried *texto_to_match* but it seems that it is not correct (it didn’t work).

That should work… Can the text be found anywhere in the path not just in the last segment? If you then you’ll need **text_to_match**

With double * worked perfectly! Thanks!

I’m now realizing that maybe the single * didn’t work because of the folder slashes.

In the filtering instructions there is this example:

*.jpg  - matches "file.jpg"
       - matches "directory/file.jpg"
       - doesn't match "file.jpg/something"

So *.jpg matches "directory/file.jpg" which contains one slash…

But the important thing is that it worked with two * …:grinning:


A * only matches the leaf part of the file name by default and never matches a /…