Filter or Include/exclude help needed


I have a Dir structure like this

Folder\Name2\0000 Test
Folder\Name3\0000 Test

I want to run copy to a another drive excluding "Folder+++File+++", "Folder\Dup" and all "0000 Test" sub-folders.
Using both exclude and include I get "Using --filter is recommended instead of both --include and --exclude.." but the I get lets say the Folder\Name3 folder with all contents and subfolders.
When I try using only filter it tries to copy everything..

rclone copy G:\Folder\ I:\Folder\ --progress --exclude "Dup/" --exclude "+++File+++/" --exclude "0000 - Test/" --include "/Name3/" --dry-run

rclone copy G:\Folder\ I:\Folder\ --progress --filter '+ /Name3/' --filter '- Dup/' --filter '- +++File+++/' --filter '- 0000 - Test/' --dry-run

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


It is probably easiest with acomplicated set of filters to get them in a file and use --filter-from.

You can't mix --include and --exclude on the command line as it isn't defined what order the command line parser parses them.

You'll most likely need an --filter '- *' on the end. Using --include puts this in for you automatically.

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