Filter hidden files/folders

How could i set filter so copy/move will ignore hidden files and folders.

Filters only work on file names or sizes at the moment - does that help?

Which OS are you on?

Linux, trying to prevent .fuse stuff to be uploaded

To ignore all .fuse directories and everything in them you would add --exclude '.fuse/**' to your command line.

You might want to consider -x or --one-file-system which might help.

thanks will try it like this
/usr/bin/rclone move /storage/.media-local/ acd:/encrypted -c --acd-upload-wait-time=10m --transfers=500 --checkers=500 --delete-after --filter-from=/home/plex/rclone-filter.txt --log-file=/var/log/rclone-cron.log

Is it with = like bellow
–filter-from /home/plex/rclone-filter.txt

The filter file:
- .partial
- .random
- .orig.
- .nfo
- .unionfs-fuse/**

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I would like to use this too but i upload encrypted data. So .partial etc. will not match, because its encrypted. how do you do it?

P.S: i’m using encfs -> local (decrypt) -> .local (encrypt)

You cant, I had same problem and was also one of the reasons why i converted my whole library to crypt.
Back then it took around a week to do 35TB as all data needed to be redownloaded, but the good thing is you dont need any disk space since its downloaded/uploaded in memory/stream.

Just do rclone copy from encfs unencrypted folder to rclonecrypt .

Ok i’ll do it. thanks for your reply.

I’m uploading my whole library to acdcrypt: now as you said. How can i decrypt the acdcrypt: from my plex server? (This is not the same server as the upload server)

Just copy the rclone config file to the server. That contains the keys to decrypt.

thank you, that did it :slight_smile: