Files spanning drives, Tunnelling torrent client through Union

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

Hi there, I'm pretty new to Rclone.

I've done some reading, trying to figure out whether this is a good idea or not? I have multiple drives in which I have a torrents download directory on each. I use qBitorrent and I want to use their automatic torrent management system with the categories and subcategories. The only problem is that qBitorrent doesn't allow for a relative path in automatic torrent management from the drive in which the files placed in a category are saved on, in the first place. It's a specified absolute path, per category.

Now I could duplicate or more the categories and have category trees for each drive. I though that to be a cumbersome way to achieve what I want, that in right clicking to apply a category to a torrent that the context list would be polluted with far to many entries to choose from.

So I naturally thought of Rclones Union remote capabilities.

The only problem, is that i wouldn't want rClone to cache torrents especially large ones. Would that break the ability to download torrents into a union filesystem, minding that torrents seed a file at the same time as writing the files. I'm aware cache mode off means, you can't write and read at the same time. I'm just wondering if qBitorrent writing and reading files at the same time is akin to other types of reading and writing at the same time, as in are the files locked?

If possible, I guess my next dilemma is, Say I have torrent 1 on the C drive and torrent 2 on the D drive. When I put them into the same category in qBitorrent, pointed at the Union Filesystem and turn automatic management on for them. When qBitorrent saves each torrent, would Rclone keep them on the same drives that they are already saved on as in torrent 1 to stay on the C drive and torrent 2 on the D drive and put them into the appropriate Unionised folder directories specified in the remote itself, given the drives share the same category hierarchy of folders?

It might be a long shot. I've experimented a little with Union with cache mode set to full and, I'm not sure if that would work either as, it took awhile for the changes to propagate through. this was a while back, so I can't remember if I tested for both, saving to the directories on their drive paths themselves, then checking the Union mounted folder and saving directly to the Union folder and checking the drive directory folders to see if they propagated through. It was definitely slow on one of them, I just can't remember which.

Anyway thank you : )

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