--files-from new behavior?

did this change with 1.50.0? Been using --files-from for the last couple years and now I'm getting this?

the error I'm getting with rclone move:

Failed to load filters: The usage of --files-from overrides all other filters, it should be used alone

Command includes the following flags

            --max-size=300G \
            --tpslimit=10 \
            --checkers=16 \
            --no-traverse \
            --fast-list \
            --max-transfer 720G \
            --bwlimit="9M" \
            --drive-chunk-size="128M" \
            --user-agent="2701hAZnS01wnd6RYLOS89uUn92qJjgO" \
            --files-from=files-from.list \
            --exclude-from="files.exclude" \

Listed in the release notes:

Yes it did change.

Rclone has been silently ignoring these - that is what it is telling you

Functionality hasn't changed.
It just won't allow you to make a mistake anymore by thinking --files-from works with other filter (it never did)

Thanks everyone for your informative replies, this whole time it looks like I didn't know what filters were applying in the end.

Yes that's exactly why it needed the change hehe... it could potentially be quite dangerous to think you were using filters which you really weren't.

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