Filebot and xattr

Not sure if this is a feature request or not so I thought I would post it here first.

I was attempting to use filebot today to get rid of duplicates. It appears RCLONE w/ crypt doesn’t support xattr?

I’m getting the following error while attempting to use filebot to update the xattr attributes of a file.

filebot -rename /home/plex/acd/movies/test) --db TheMovieDB --format “{ny} {[vf]}”
Rename movies using [TheMovieDB]
Auto-detect movie from context: [/home/plex/acd/movies/test.avi]
Auto-detect movie from context: [/home/plex/acd/movies/test.mkv]
[MOVE] Rename [/home/plex/acd/movies/test.avi] to [/home/plex/acd/movies/test (2016) [480p].avi]
[MOVE] Rename [/home/plex/acd/movies/test (2016).mkv] to [/home/plex/acd/movies/test [720p].mkv]
Processed 2 files
Failed to set xattr: /home/plex/acd/movies/test (2016) [480p].avi: Input/output error
Failed to set xattr: /home/plex/acd/movies/test (2016) [720p].mkv: Input/output error

if you dont need it disable it


filebot -rename /home/plex/acd/movies/test) -no-xattr --db TheMovieDB --format "{ny} {[vf]}"

This is an old thread, but I am wondering the same thing. Any chance we can get xattr support? I use filebot and the data stored in xattr is very handy - especially when used with Plex. re-processing files (renames ,etc) or searching for correct subtitles is made much simpler/faster/better with the xattr data. Also, fixing a file rename mistake is made much easier since the old name is stored in the xattr.

Anyway, would really like to see this feature make it into some future build of Rclone.